Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fashion | New Topshop Dress!

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and one of my sisters' came to stay with Greg and I. We went out for the day in Southampton to have a look at the Tudor House and decided afterwards to have a mooch around the shops and have an ice cream at Sprinkles.

(Here's a couple of pictures to laugh at from the Tudor House! Above is Greg and below is my brother).

While Greg decided to have a look for sleeveless denim jackets, my siblings and I had a look in Topshop. I've never really bought a lot in Topshop, not because I don't like it but because I've found most clothes there to be a little out of my price range when I was a student. Now I actually have money these days, I can actually afford clothes from there and not feel guilty that I won't have enough money to eat or pay the bills!

So anyway, we were looking at all the sale items when I saw this gorgeous, bright orange crocheted dress. It was down to £10 from £49 - ABSOLUTE BARGAIN! The material it's made from feels really lovely, it's comfortable to wear and feels like it's good quality. As you can see, it is very 1970s and boho in style but I absolutely love that kind of fashion! I always think orange goes very well with blue, so it works as a great combination to wear with denim jack, blue dolly shoes and blue handbag. For the winter, I can just pop on a pair of black tights to wear with it and possibly a pair of boots depending on the weather.

It is a little bit big on me as I vary in size depending upon which shop I go in from an 8/10. I picked this up in a size 10 thinking that an 8 would be far too small for me but it turns out I was wrong! But never mind, if I ever get any bigger at least I know it will fit!

Do you shop in Topshop? What bargains have you recently bought? 
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