Monday, 18 April 2016

Disney Wishlist

This is slightly different to my usual Wishlist's as this one is a Disney inspired one. Take a peak at the Disney related things I'm lusting after! :)

If you're a Disney geek, you'll love the clothing on Lulu Tops' website! They're all pretty reasonably priced and have something relating to most Disney films. 

I've had my eye on this for ages as I love Beauty & the Beast and I want a Beauty & the Beast inspired wedding. So why not fill my house with more Beauty & the Beast stuff? Although if it's not your cuppa tea, there's plenty of other figurines to choose from. You can also buy them from the Disney Store but Amazon appears to be slightly cheaper.

Considering that these have the Disney logo, they aren't very expensive. 101 Dalmations is another one of my favourites but if it isn't to your taste, there's a few others you can choose from. 

This is an independent seller that I saw another blogger write about a while back and I've had my eye on purchasing one ever since! They would be a good gift idea for young children or for a friend that loves Disney. Greg and I are thinking of buying one for his niece when she's born as it's a bit different to generic baby toy or clothing. 

If you love Disney and you need some time destressing and unwinding, why not pick up one of these? Again, from Amazon but it's less than £10 so not very expensive at all.

Stitch mug - Disney Store
Having a look at all the china mugs on the Disney Store, they are all so pretty and I want them all! However, I think this one has to be my favourite. They just look so well decorated!

I love the slogan on this mug and I think it's one of those slogans that could cheer you up when you're having a bad day. Also I'm sure there's time we all wish we were a princess, right? Even Greg wants to be a princess! :p

Likewise with the Princess slogan mug, the same could be said about this top. It's not very expensive either! Amazon's great for finding things like this!

What's on your Disney Wishlist? 

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